Stars Stripes and Heroes

Remembering those who protect us everyday

PO Box 2246, Bolingbrook, IL 60440


Care packages are sent out on a continuous basis however we cannot disclose where the packages are sent. Rest assured our troops truley appricate them. 


Thank you for your continued support. Without you and your donations none of our success would have been possible.  

With more than 170,000 deployed troops we are urgently seeking your help. 

Our goal is to collect donations to send as many Care Packages to our deployed troops as possible.   

If you would like for us to send a care package, card or letter to a deployed hero, kindly notify us at with the heroes name, address and zip code.

You can also send your cards/donations to:

Stars Stripes and Heroes
PO Box 2246
Bolingbrook IL 60490

Thank you for your continued support.

PS- I would also like to share with you a response that we received from deployed heroes that received their care packages:

- Thanks so much once again.  You guys continue to make our day over and over again.

- Much appreciated all around.

- Keep up the great work it, definitely goes noticed!

- When they get a care package, they act like kids in a candy store.

- Thank you for the care package. We feasted like kings.