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Firefighter - Wisconsin

On Sunday, February 1, Greenfield Wisconsin got more than 12 inches of snow when they received a call that a man was suffering from chest pains after shoveling his driveway.  Firefighters from the Greenfield, Wisconsin Fire Department arrived and was able to transport the man to a hospital in Milwaukee. The firefighters came back and finished shoveling the man's driveway.


Firefighter - Missouri

After 37 years of protecting, helping and serving the community, Deputy Chief Ruhmann will be retiring. Thank you Deputy Chief for your sacrifices, your service and  your dedication.

Thank you Volunteer Fighter Fighter -

Hero Jamie Brock who stopped a school gunman -

Police - Georgia

A call came in to 911 about a single car accident.  Sergeant Watts and Deputy Gault responded to the call. The car had left the roadway, was upside down in a ditch and on fire. Deputy Gault climbed into the car to free the driver who was unconscious and together he and Sergeant Watts pulled the man from the car before it was engulfed in flame.

Firefighter - Illinois

Congratulations to Firefighter Nevarez in completing his life long dream of becoming a firefighter!!!  'Be safe' as you serve and protect the community.

Congratulations FF Nevarez.


We send our thoughts and condolences to the family and friends of Lieutenant Christopher Leach & Senior Firefighter Jerry Fickes who lost thier lives fighting a fire



OCT 1 2016 - This morning Stars Stripes and Heroes was at a local eatery and had the privilege so that several officers could enjoy their breakfast free of charge. Thank you officers for your service.

Sept 17 2016 - Today, Stars Stripes and Heroes had the privilege to let several officers enjoy a free breakfast on us. Thank you officers for protecting us and our families and we pray that you return to your family and friends everyday.


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